Boise Landscape & Lawn

Starting from scratch with new construction? Desiring a more beautiful and livable outdoor space?

Looking for a major front and backyard cleanup? Need to improve your curb appeal for a quicker home sale?

Or would you like a new sprinkler system installed?

Boise Landscape & Lawn is a small company with roots in the community. Since 2004, Boise Landscape & Lawn has continued to provide a wide range of high quality landscaping and lawn care services for Boise homes and businesses at very competitive prices.

Owner and operator, D. Lowe, a military vet, brings a very disciplined and highly efficient approach to landscaping and yard care.

In his professional life, he was a successful financial analyst in the high tech industry, but his family roots were firmly planted in bringing life to the soil, and his passion for working the land would not rest. A sense of detail that was nourished and honed in the financial marketplace has taken root in Boise Landscape & Lawn, and is reflected in the homes and businesses of all his clients.

Never satisfied until the job is done right, his team is motivated to provide the best care possible with the least amount of intrusion upon the lives of their clients.