Boise's Mature Yards

Focusing on Boise’s Mature Yards

In the North End, East Boise, and the Bench, the yards can be especially challenging. Whether it’s a Bench bungalow, North End classic, or contemporary bordering the foothills, Boise Landscape & Lawn is the yard care company of choice for some of Boise’s finest homes.

Old growth and high desert landscapes have special needs, so we’ve focused our training and education on caring for this area.

We know the impact of the seasons, the make up of the soils, the weeds to watch, and the best times to plant, pull, and cut the flowers, trees and shrubs that make their home in the high desert region of our city.

If a property looks immaculately clean, green, and gorgeous, there’s a good chance we did the landscaping, and are providing the weekly maintenance.

See what a difference we can make.

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